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This is a hands-on training workshop held as part of JSFoo 2013.

Express is a framework for building web apps in Node.

This workshop is useful:

1). If want to learn how to work with nodejs and expressjs.

2) To understand the internals of express js framework.

3) To hack/extend the framework when you need to customize something.

Beginning with a simple server which gives a hardcoded response, participants will add small features one at time. By the end, participants will have built a framework which is close to Expressjs.

The workshop focus will revolve around building the following components of express js:

  • request
  • response
  • app (use, get, set, engine, param, render, route, listen, etc)
  • middleware (static, logger, bodyParser, methodOverride, session etc)
  • router

By the end of it you will have built a complete framework.

This workshop will be conducted by Pankaj Bhageria.


Haris Ibrahim K. V., Radha Rao

Tel: 080-67684422


Microsoft Ventures
#9, Lavelle Road
Bangalore, Karnataka